Power without the price

We are accustomed to paying a big price for power.  At sincSports we are working to make sure that’s not the case.  We’ve always priced our product to make sure it is very affordable and the best value in the industry.  (Which is amazing for a product that offers many times the functionality of any of our competitors.  Of course, that’s why we are close to becoming the most used tournament software in the country as more and more leagues and tournaments are switching to the sincSports package).

Our goal is to see that our menus and online help system stand on their own.  That’s why even new league and tournament directors without computer expertise are telling us that our package is helping them feel like “pros” that have been running events for years.

The screen that directors spend most of their time on to manage teams, contacts and communications, is a powerful command center.  We’ve enhanced the screen to make it cleaner, more organized and EASY TO USE.  Each function has its own help pop-up so even directors that manage one event a year don’t have to worry about remembering any of the processes.  Everything you need is right at your finger tips.

We are going to make sure you are successful, relaxed and look darn good doing it!

You can even click “Tools” and use the Panel Defaults button to decide how you want your page to look.   You can have the team counts and any of the four control panels on or off by default each time you enter the screen.

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