Communication is Key!

The key to successfully managing an event is to keep your participants informed in a timely manner. In a manual system that can be an impossible task. Not only do you have to deal with filtering whom to contact, but also tracking who has been contacted, when and for what purpose. We have enhanced our mail system, sincMail, to do all the work for you!

Of course, we’ve kept the ability to search, sort and filter to select the teams you need to contact. Our most recent addition to help you manage the messages you send out is our brand new sincMail page.  This page will allow you to track all of the emails you send out from your sincSports website.  View all the messages you’ve sent out, filter them by team, or even filter them by individual.  We also track which people have read your message so you can check to see if they were received.

You can get to your sincMail page by going to your team list page, clicking on “Tools,” and then the button for “View Mail Log.”

  • View all recipients of an email
  • View all emails sent to a particular team
  • View all emails sent to a particular person

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