Referee Evaluations

Winning the “hearts and minds” of your participants assures that your event will be successful year after year and will continue to grow.   The more players and parents that head home feeling good about their experience, the better the word-of-mouth and the more  teams that will apply again the following year.  You can’t please all of the people all of the time.  However, you can let them know you care and that you value their feelings and respect their concerns.

A new feature that has been added to the sincSports package is the ability to allow teams to evaluate their referees after a game. This information can be very important to tournament and league directors for a couple of reasons. They can review the results to see which referees are doing an outstanding job and which officials aren’t cutting it. It also gives teams the opportunity to express their thoughts regarding the officials working at your event. The teams attending your event will be very pleased to know that their thoughts and opinions matter regarding the area that usually provides the most discontent at an event.

Create an evaluation form with the custom questions of your choosing:

To activate this new feature on your website, go to ADMIN -> REFEREES -> REFEREE EVALUATIONS (or ADMIN -> UMPIRES -> UMPIRE EVALUATIONS).  This screen is where you will create the questions you would like to be included in the evaluation and will show you the other steps to include the evaluation on the website.

You can then export the information right to an excel spreadsheet from the REPORTS page on your website.

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