The new SincSports Scheduling makes its debut!

What do you do when your scheduling package blows the doors off of your competition?  Well….you make it better, of course.  We’ve organized the system into an easy to follow process, developed new screens to keep tournament directors on track, enhanced all of our features and built a complete team conflict system (more on that, soon) to place all of your team issues at your fingertips throughout the scheduling cycle.

We’ve set up a straight path for Tournament Directors from start to finish.

Walk through our screens to set up your games (choose from a selection of templates or create your own custom schedule), select the fields you will be using each day of your event, seed your teams into the template and schedule them onto the fields while we warn you about scheduling and coaching conflicts.   Presto!

Of course, even when enhancements are well planned and simple, its important that we don’t disrupt your process.  Therefore, the current screens will remain in place for now and you can move to the new system anytime you are ready without missing a step or worrying about losing any data or work in progress.  (You can even go back and forth).

To access the new SincSports Scheduling system, just click the clock.

…and you are in!

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