Registration with roster – options

For many events, teams must enter their complete roster in order to participate, although there are probably just as many that won’t require it.  sincSports wants to ensure that our system is going to fit the needs for all of our clients so we’ve expanded our registration options.  For those who are happy with the registration process, nothing has to change. You can still have teams go in and fill out their registration form, and after completion, give them the option to fill out their roster.  However, if you’d like to include the roster as part of the registration process,  you now have that choice as well.

If you choose to include the roster as part of the process, the new flow will be: identify the team, identify the team contacts, then input their roster, and finally answer your custom questions.

If your thought is: “I don’t want to turn people away and not have them register for our event because they don’t have their roster information with them.” In this case, you can just skip the roster integration as part of the registration process.

Alternatively, if you’d say: “I need the team roster in order for a team to participate in our event and I don’t want to have to chase them down later.” Then roster integration will work perfectly for you!

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