Enhanced Help System

The sincSports and sportsincollege systems continue to grow tremendously as we work very hard to add additional features and functionality.  This is great news for all of our users, but it can also make the system a little overwhelming to new users.  It can even be a little shocking to our seasoned users when then log into the website and see something new that wasn’t there even yesterday.

Due to our constant evolution, we’ve enhanced our help system to provide our users with the best experience possible.  As you navigate through our website you will always have the option to get additional help for the page you are currently on.  You’ll see a tab on the right hand side of your screen for “Help & FAQ.”  Clicking on that, will open up a description of the page and list a number of frequently asked questions.  Since we are experts of our system, we don’t always think of all of the FAQs since it all just makes sense to us.  That’s why we give you the opportunity to ask a question about a page right from that help panel.  If the question is relevant to the page and will help other users, you can usually expect to see the question added to the FAQ within the next 24 hours.

For more specific questions and help,  you can click the link at the bottom for “General Support” which will take you to our support forum where you can search for the answer or post a question of your own.

“If you’re not moving forward towards your goals, you are moving backwards.  There is no standing still.”
-Lloyd Irvin

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