Online Check-In is Live!

The sincSports Online Check-In system is live and ready for your event!  We have already activated the Online Check-In system for a number of events and are ready to activate it on all event websites.  Teams are now looking for this option for your event so we want to make this available to you as soon as you are ready.

All events that would would like this activated can send us a note to .  Alternatively, you can click the “GLOBE” icon on your top/staff menu. You will see the option for online check-in which will let you turn it on and select the items you want to include in the online check-in process for your teams.

Online Check-In “Quick Facts”

1. Gives your teams an additional option if they would prefer not to attend the physical check-in
2. Costs you NOTHING and will event end up saving you money!
3. Access the team’s documents from wherever, whenever you need the information

Please follow the link above for further information regarding the Online Check-In system. It will tell you about the benefits to you and your teams, walk you through screen shots so you can preview the features, and we even put together a video to give you all the information you need.



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