Club/Team Discounts

We recently received a request for clubs to receive discounts for bringing a number of teams to their events.  We’ve added the ability for you to add this item to your event website.  To do this, you would start by going to the ADMIN menu. Then select “Website Settings” and “Setup Application & Fees”

To add a club discount, you would click on the processing tab and then “Club Discounts”

This will allow you to add discounts for clubs bringing a certain number of teams (or more) to your event. You will need to identify the number of teams required to receive a discount, select the discount type (a percent off the total cost, a flat discount off the total cost, or a per team discount) and enter the amount. In this example below, I added a 15% discount for clubs that bring 4 or more teams and a $100 discount off of the total cost for clubs with 5 or more teams.

If a club is going to register a number of teams for your event, they should register them all and then complete the payment after they have all teams registered so they receive their discount. The club administrator would login to your website and would see this item on their control panel (this item gets added automatically if you have a club discount added to your event):

Once they click the “Pay Team Fees” link, they will be taken to a page which shows all of their teams registered for this event. It will also show the balance due for each team (and the team’s status for online check-in).  As they check the boxes next to the teams they would like to pay for, the total will calculate at the bottom and the discount will appear if applicable.  Finally, they click the “Pay Fee” button to complete the payment.

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