Updates to the Registration Form

We recently made a number of updates to our registration process with one goal in mind – make it as simple as possible for the teams to get registered for your events.

Starting with the registration page: We changed it to drop down boxes and show only one step at a time:

Once the person selects their team’s information, they will be presented with the list of teams already in the system.

To filter out this list, the user can select their club in the “Filter by club…” drop down box which will show them only the teams in their club. Alternatively, they can click the letter in the “Jump to teams starting with…” if there is a long list and they want to jump right to team names starting with the letter “E” for example.

If the person does not find their team in the list, they can click the “Add New Team” button which will allow them to create a new team.

If the person finds their team in the list, they can click on the team name, which will pull up details on that team. This will allow them to make sure they are selecting the correct team. If it is correct, they need to click the “Register this team” button which will take them to the registration form.  The new flow jumps past the “Identify team contacts” page which has caused some confusion in the past.

Once the team is selected (or a new team is added) the person goes directly to the registration form.  Since we no longer use the “Identify your contacts” page, the contacts must be selected here. The person will be able to choose an existing contact from the team by selecting them from the list, click the “+” sign to add a new contact, or click the “Club staff” icon to select a different staff member from the club.

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