Mail System

Later today, we will be performing an update to the system which will change the way emails are sent through our system. The purpose of this change is to make sure we provide additional options to ensure mail is delivered to the directors using our system when a team replies to them.

Here’s the breakdown of how the mail system works and the reason we do it this way:
1. When you send a message through the website, we create a FROM address that is specific to your event (ie.

The reason we do this is to prevent the message as being marked as spam. When you send out an email, the recipients email system checks to make sure the website that sent the message matches the from address on that email. If a message is sent from the website but has a from address of, the email account will not match the sender and is likely to flag it as spam.

2. When a team coach or manager replies to that message, it comes back to us and then we send it back out to the main email accounts on your website (found on your SETTINGS page)

And here’s the change. When sending those messages back to you, since it is a smaller volume of emails, we were changing the FROM on the email to the address of the person sending the email. This does not match our server which is sending the message so it can be marked as spam – but since it was a smaller volume of messages it does not get flagged as spam in most cases. The reason we did it this way was so you could quickly and easily hit the REPLY button to write them back. However, we know how important it is for all directors to receive all messages so we will be sending messages back to you with a FROM address of  The address of the person who emailed will appear at the top of the note which will just need to be entered in the TO box when replying.

If you think your mail system might be blocking some of the messages from teams, you can also try adding to your “Safe Sender’s list” which should help make sure you receive all messages.

If you would prefer that messages come with a from address of the person who sent it and you know your mail system won’t block them, you can adjust the settings for your event mail system to have it continue to work as it has been. Go to your event website, login, click on the Globe icon on the top menu and then click on “Event Mail System” (6th item down).   You can then click on “Change to sender’s email address” to change it back. We will then send you a verification code so we can make sure you received the message before making the change.

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