Registration process updates

Your participants first interactive exposure to your event is often their registration process. It is our goal to see that it is smooth, friendly and easy for all users. It is a formidable task since our registration system can be tailored to the exact specifications of each event. Although we are successfully processing thousands upon thousands of applications, we know there is always room for improvement.

We are updating the application process later today to help us meet our goals.

  • We are implementing a simple, supported login process
  • We are adding a Frequently Asked Questions panel available to all guests on every page of your event website
  • We are providing a Contact Us link on every registration page to take the pressure off your staff to support the registration process (under the red help tab)
  • We will be building out the FAQ pages for your guests daily

We’ve also created a comprehensive document walking through the process to guide any teams that are having difficulties.  This document is available to anyone from the first screen of the registration process. Click on the Help tab and then: What is the “flow” for the registration process?
View the help document

I am sure you will see that these are significant enhancements to make sure you never miss a registration, to ease your customer support needs and to show you that we are dedicated to supporting you in every way possible.  (Watch for our enhanced help system; coming soon!)

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