sincMe Bar

The sincMe bar is a recent addition to all websites.  We’ve spent a great deal of time researching the types of questions we get from teams, coaches, managers, tournament directors and athletes daily and the struggles some have had when working with the website.  We hope that this tool gives all users a more clear understanding of how to interact with each website when they visit to register for an event, check their schedule, update their profile, etc.

Why the sincMe bar?

We wanted to make a few things clear:

  1. If you’ve used the system before, simply use your existing account which will pull in your information so you don’t need to do any extra work.  If you see that bar on the top of the screen, you’ll know that you can use your account with that website
  2. It will Always be there. As you navigate through the website, the bar will always be at the top of the screen. Each person should be able to easily locate the “Tasks” (Team, athlete or club depending on their role) on the top bar.  If the “Tasks” do not appear, the role you are currently logged in with is probably not connected to this event.
  3. As we continue to expand on the number of features and pages available with our event management system, getting the help each person is looking for gets more and more challenging. We’ve been building out help for each page which can be accessed by clicking on the question mark icon or the FAQ tab on any page.  If the answer to the question isn’t there (and the user is logged in), they can submit their FAQ to us and we can add it to the page.

How does the sincMe bar work?

There are 2 different “stages” to the sincMe bar.  When the user first arrives at the website and after logging in.

Not logged in yet

When you arrive at the website for the event you’d like to attend, we want to help point you in the right direction.  If you’ve used the website before, simply click “Login” and enter your information which will you to continue right on your way.  If not, and you need a little direction, check out the other options..  Placing your mouse cursor over the items on the sincMe bar will show what type of information can be found there once logged in.  There are 2 items on there that should help you figure out how to login to the system:

  1. “Help me get started” – This will take you to a page where you will first identify your role for the event.  Are you an athlete participating? A college coach attending for recruiting purposes? Or a team coach, manager, etc?  Once you identify that information, we will ask for some information to find out if you have an account already.  Many people are added as an assistant coach, manager, or an athlete on the team which creates an account for you without even knowing it.  Logging in with that information will ensure you are corrected to the right team.  When  connected to the correct team, the “Tasks” for the event will appear on the sincMe bar, making it very simple to figure out what you need to do. Creating a new account which has no access to the team in the event makes it difficult to figure out how to interact with the website since that new account is connected properly.  The “Help me get started” process is meant to help new users find the correct account and get started right away.
  2. Question mark icon – For those who do not choose to go through the “Help me get started” process, the question mark icon can provide some more information (although we highly recommend going through “help me get started” if you do not know if an account exists for you already).  It allows you to get your login information sent to you if you know you have an account, gives help for the page you’re on, links to a searchable help page or gives a link to the support forum where you can post a question for the sincSports staff.

Once the user is logged in

When a user logs into the system, he/she only can have access to one team or club at a time. We’ve discovered that team coaches and managers don’t always understand this so we’ve added a screen to point this out when logging in.  If a person has access to more than one team, club, tournament, etc, this window will appear.  It explains that only one type of access is used at a time, it will let you set the primary role you want for your account and also give the option to “hide this” if you don’t want to see it the next time you login.

Once a role is selected, it will appear at the top left of the sincMe bar.  Placing your mouse over the key to the left of your current role, will show all of the other types of access you have.  Each team that is registered for your event will have a check mark next to it and moving the cursor over it will explain just that.  You can then easily switch your access to any team just by clicking on the team name in that list.

To the right of your current access level will be the “Tasks” (Team, Player or Club).  These will appear for people who are connected to a team that has successfully registered for the event. The tasks are set by the director and should be the list of items that they’d like their participants to complete for each event (Directors can set these by: going to the globe icon page -> Then the participants tab).  Clicking on any item will take the user right to that task – for the role they are currently logged in with. The image above shows that this person is logged in as the coach for the Blue Sox. Clicking on any team task, will take him to the page where that task can be completed.

On the right hand side of the menu will be the help icon again to give additional help to you as you navigate through the website.

We truly hope that the sincMe bar will make the system more transparent to our users and explain how to interact with each website more efficiently.  We hope that introducing the sincMe bar will reduce duplication, help people find their tasks for each event more easily, provide additional help to people who have more questions and just make everyone’s lives a bit easier!

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  1. we are the 02 casl jrs, and why are the 4 wins and championship we got at the GUSA 2014 Labor Day Shootout not reflected on our team page????????? Thats 4 more impressive wins to help our schedule

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