Registration – Set a maximum number of teams

A new enhancement that we will be releasing in the next week will be the ability to set a maximum number of teams that can register.  Directors have always had the ability to close a division once it is full, but with this change, you can set the number of teams you will let into each one.

Once the division is full, you have the option to prevent other teams from registering, or you can let them register for a wait-list (in case one of the teams drops out).

Additionally, you can choose to display the number of spots left or keep that hidden.

When adding the registration fees, you will see a new “Max # Teams” box on the right hand side. If you enter in a number here, the system will close down registration for that division once the number has been reached (leaving it blank allows any number of teams to register).


If you want to add multiple options for a fee/division, you can additionally limit the number of teams for each option:


The last option on the settings screen deals with how you want to handle a division once it is full and if you’d like to show number of spots remaining in a division:


When teams go to register they will see different options depending on these above settings:





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