Tiebreakers can drive your staff crazy!

You’ve been there… All is going great at the tournament and suddenly you find yourself in an hour long discussion as to why that “other” team is advancing instead of Johnnie’s team. Sometimes the tiebreakers can be so complicated that 3/4 of your staff are unable to answer that question. Under pressure it can be an extremely difficult question to answer. Our system applies YOUR rules and advances the correct team, but now we are going the extra mile to make sure participants leave your event with a good feeling.

Our standings screen will already display the MAX goals for, against and differential counts and tie-breakers if you use them. (In the pink you can see the GD4 column which shows their goal differential when a maximum of 4 per game was applied. The “TB” column shows which tie breaker cause a tied team to be advanced over another.)


The “magic” is the button at the bottom. We will walk your staff and participants through the tie-breaker calculation to remove the “mystery”


For each group we “walk through” the calculation. In the example above, the system applies group points and finds that two teams are tied. It then applies “head to head” and they are still tied (the two teams tied each other). It then applies “Most Wins” and they are still tied. Finally, Net Goal Differential (max 4) is applied and the tie is broken!

(You’ll be really glad to have this when you are in a three team head to head calculation with a “return to head to head” when a team drops out.)

At SincSports we don’t stop working to make your life easier!

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