Working with Content


contentThe front page of your website is where people are going to look to find important information about your event.  Entering information has always been pretty straight forward – Click “Update Text Above” or “Add Content Here” to enter information on the page.

After clicking those links, you are presented with a text box where you can easily type in and format the information you want to display on the page.  You also have the ability to copy and paste things in from another source such as a word document.  A note of caution: If copying and pasting information from a word document, the formatting might not come across exactly the same and editing it from inside the editor can then give you some troubles since the conversion to html (which is needed to display it on a web site) isn’t always the cleanest. Typing the information directly into the box will always give you the best results and editing it later on is much easier as well.

Uploading Images & Files

Uploading images & files (such as word or pdf documents) used to be a 2 step process.  We’ve streamlined that process so the upload and posting can happen on the same page.

Here is how you can now insert an image (or file)

  1. Click “Update Text Above” or “Add Content Here” to open the editor
  2. Scroll down below the text box to where you see, Upload Files (highlighted by red box below)
  3. Browse for the file on your computer that you want to upload and select it
  4. Once the upload completes, the file will be added to the “Insert Image” drop down box on your editor (arrow pointing to this box in screen shot below)
  5. Place your cursor in the text box where you want the image to go and then select it from that drop down box.
  6. Click the “Save” button to save your changes.



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