Game rescheduling

This one is for the leagues.  Why shouldn’t league administrator’s life get a bit easier (along with every league team manager and coach).

So, the schedule is done and the games begin.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just coast through the season?  Not a chance; let the rescheduling requests begin!  We can’t stop them from happening but we can make it a WHOLE lot easier to manage the process.


Rescheduling Parameters

There are six possible steps in the process.  However, you can use the Admin.Advanced Settings.Game Results Control screen to adjust the process to meet your needs.

1. Team initiates rescheduling request

2. Opponent approves request (an email is sent to the staff of the opposing team to approve/deny.)


Example email

3. League approves rescheduling request (An email is sent to the league scheduling administrator AND an alert appears on the site for the administrators indicating there are rescheduling requests awaiting action.)

4. Requestor indicates the new date/time/location of the game (Of course another email is sent to the team telling them the action is needed).

5. Opponent approves/denies request (Of course, another notification is sent to the team).

6. League approves change which automatically updates the game and generates the league game change notifications.  (You can set the system to automatically move this game if the original date and the new date are far enough in the future.)


Administrator screen

Of course, by adjusting the parameters and skipping steps you can make the process fit your needs!

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