BrainTree and PayPal Payment Options

We’ve recently added 2 additional payment options to our system for our clients who are looking for solutions that do not have a monthly fee associated with them.  Google Checkout  will be ending it’s service on 11/20/2013 and we wanted to make sure that we had additional options available.

The two new options are:

Braintree Payments

This solution is completely integrated into the website and has customers complete the check out process entirely from within your event website.  The fee for this service is: 2.9% + $.30 per transaction with no additional fees or minimums.

PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal is one of the most popular payment solutions around the world. All you need for this payment type is a regular PayPal account.  During the checkout process, your customers will be directed to the pay pal website to complete their purchase. PayPal will send a message back to our system once the payment has been completed so the payment is automatically updated for you. The fees per transaction adjust once sales reach over $3,000 in a month, but they begin at 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.

PayPal recently came out with a card reader that is compatible with iPhone, iPad or Android.  If teams are paying at your event, you can easily accept payments with this device at a rate of 2.7% per transaction (when a credit card is swiped).  View this link for further details:




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