We’re extremely proud to say that we have been working with tournaments and leagues for almost 15 years now. We provide websites, registration, scheduling, communication, mobile apps, scoring, standings, reports, online check-in and so on and so on.  While this does make some things easier for the hundreds of thousands of teams, our primary focus was always on the events and how to make it easier for them to run like a well oiled machine.

We’ve decided that it’s about time we step back and look at the things the teams, managers, administrators and family members need! Sports are meant to be fun so we want to cut down on some of that busy work and get the focus back to where it needs to be! Introducing…


SincMyTeam is meant to get your team (your whole team: Coaches, Managers, Parents, athletes and family) in sync. The primary focus of the system is on organization and communication. When everyone on the team is in the loop, knows when practice is, knows when its been rained out, knows when the upcoming tournaments are, knows where they upcoming fields are located, know what their assignments are, … fact, knows ALL of your important information; everyone can focus on playing (or watching) the sport they love!

Some of the primary features of SincMyTeam include:

  1. Your team’s very own website. We’ve built a website that ANYONE who has used a computer before can work with! Upload photos, create slideshows, post important announcements, link to facebook, …
  2. Mobile App – Access ALL of your team’s information on the go with the SincSports mobile app: calendar, games, maps, notifications, communication
  3. Calendar – Post your upcoming team events on the calendar: Games, Practices, outings (Any SINC events you are attending will automatically appear)
  4. Communicate
    1. Send an email or text to an individual or group
    2. Post a message or photo on your team’s message feed
    3. Track RSVP messages or send Confirm* messages
    4. Receive event reminders the day before each event (each member can adjust their notification preferences)

* Confirm Message – A message sent to your team asking them to confirm that it’s been seen. Here’s an example: A huge storm rolls in 1 hour before practice is to begin. The coach sends out a confirm message to the team stating that practice has been cancelled. Each participant receives the message (email, text, and/or through the app) and clicks the “Confirm” button so you know they’ve seen it — except Johnny Smith. You’re able to call Johnny’s father (by clicking on his name in the app and clicking his phone number) to make sure he received this message. Within 5 minutes of sending out your message, you have confirmation from EVERY member of your team that they know practice is cancelled! This equals time saved and NO ANGRY Parents!! (That’s a win/win) 🙂 

Please take a look at all the features you receive with SincMyTeam [click here]. We have a free option so everyone can take advantage of the website and a subset of the features. We’re also giving out a 30 day trial of ALL features (no credit card required) so you can try out all that we have to offer.

We’re very excited to provide this to over a quarter million teams who are already attending SincSports events and using our system. As you go through the setup of your website and use the features, please let us know if there is anything that we’re missing that would help you run your team more efficiently! We’re dedicated to building the best tools you need for the sports you love.



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