SincSports integrates with US Lacrosse Membership system

The SincSports team has recently finished an integration project with US Lacrosse. Now events that are sanctioned by US Lacrosse can easily make sure that they are collecting the proper membership information required for athletes attending their events.

When the team manager goes in to enter the their roster for the event, they will be asked to provide the US Lacrosse ID. If their players do not have the proper membership, they can sign up on the US Lacrosse website at the link provided on the roster page. The team manager will not be required to enter in the US Lacrosse ID when adding the roster but ONLY players with a verified US Lacrosse ID will appear on the team’s official Roster. When the roster is saved, the player information is sent over to the US Lacrosse system to verify that each membership number is accurate.



When the team prints their Official roster for the event, only the athletes with a valid US Lacrosse membership will appear on the roster and will be able to participate in the event.

Event staff can easily see which teams have entered in a roster with US Lacrosse membership information or can access the list of teams that have not entered the information yet. From this list, they can easily contact the coaches and managers on those teams to complete their roster.


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