Latest News

sincLink has now been around for about a year and we’ve seen some great enhancements over this time. We initially built sincLink because athletes wanted more from their communications with college coaches and we listened. Email by itself is a limited tool because once the you hit send, you never really know what happens from there. sincLink was designed enhance email communication so athletes can know if a coach received their message, if it was viewed, and when the reply was sent. It also organizes all messages with a coach in one place so an athlete never forgets where they are in the process with that coach.

Our latest enhancement has been a change in the delivery method to college coaches. Coaches will receive your message embeded inside a template that will make you stand out above and beyond the rest. You can attach your profile to that message and we will also be sure to put a link at the bottom so the coach can go directly to your online profile as well. Here is a screen shot at what our athletes see when then preivew the message they are about to send out.


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